meat rabbit farming business

The hobby of nurturing bunny ornamental into a profitable business. The business penetrated into the type of broiler and feed. Tuition into capital.

Don't have the capital to start agribusiness? Achmad Taif Umar as well. The capital is big zero! "His woe" he was afflicted with a rabbit ornamental giant Flemish race. The new youth lecture of the 4th semester in Universitas Padjadjaran was reckless to buy 15 Flemish giant rabbits. Total cost RP10 million. Where is the money? Taif received RP20 million from his parents to pay tuition from the beginning of admission until graduation.

He just secretly bought an ornamental rabbit. He did not tell his parents in Palopo, South Sulawesi, due to his fear of rejecting his idea. Taif was inexperienced caring for rabbits. It was the first time he cared for ornamental animals. A fast, 26-year-old man. It was misgivings when 15 rabbit-tails of a bongsor came to Kos-kosannya. Really, the first week of 5 rabbits was dead one by one. Taif was actually panicked against the calamity.

Breakeven Point

The remaining 10 rabbits consist of 4 males and 6 females. Six months later his agility population became 25. He sold a seedlings aged 4 – 5 months Rp 300.000 — Rp1,5 million per tail. The sales of the tillers were enough to cover the initial capital purchase rabbit seedlings.

Feed Production Range 18 – 21 tons Meet the demand of Java and Sumatera.

It does not limit the purchase amount. Although consumers buy one, Taif still serves him. However, usually, consumers buy a minimum pair of ornamental rabbits. Taif is attracted by the rabbit because of the great potential of the animal market members of the Leporidae family. It originally played in the share of the ornamental rabbit because of its high selling price rabbit. Fast money turnover so that behind capital is fast. He modeled the Flemish giant's potential of its anuses 5 — 6 tails. In a year can be 4 — 5 times childbirth.

Ahmad Taif Umar wrapped up the New Zealand race since 2015.

It means that the potential tillers can be 20 — 30 tails per tail per year. According to Taif with a selling price of Rp 300.000 — Rp1,5-million behind the capital in the maintenance of 6 months is very possible. He proves it so that it is able to "pay the debt" tuition of RP10 million which is used as capital. "Profits are saved to add a miss," he said. However, doing business rabbits is not forever sweet. If the treatment is less precise, the mortality of the tillers can reach 80% height.

Originally a hobby in 2013, Taif is now seriously working on enlargement and breeding of ornamental rabbits. Now Taif does not have another Flemish giant race. Since the end of 2015 men domiciled in Sumedang, West Java since 2010 it was the New Zealand white race.

Broiler Rabbit

At the end of 2015 New Zealand White rabbits developed with the birth of 3 new chicks. Out of the 3 tails in the 2017 rabbits, Taif was chosen as the best in show at the International Rabbit Contest in Yogyakarta. "At that time the first race of New Zeland became the best in show," he recalled. Taif is now more focused on the New Zealand race. She missed a Total of 57 females and 18 male tails. The average Taif sells 60 rabbits of New Zealand races per month to colleagues.

The meat supply averaged 200 kg to meet Bali's demands.

Taif who graduated his undergraduate education in 2015 said the selling price per RP2 million — RP3, 5 million. The price of imported tillers RP3, 5 million — RP6 million per age of 3 — 4.5 months. The turnover of the rabbit business ornamental Saban averaged Rp120 million — Rp360 million. In addition to the ornamental rabbit, Taif also supplies the needs of broiler rabbits. Taif started supplying rabbit meat since 2017. Supply of local rabbit farmer partners.

In 2019 Taif could supply an average of 200 kg of rabbit meat. "The selling price per kilogram is around Rp 75.000. If without head Rp 85,000," he said. Meat supply is shipped to Bali for dog feeding materials. The turnover of the rabbit meat business reached RP15 million — RP17 million Saban month. Taif's persistence proves that businesses do not always have to have a large capital. In addition, Taif's failure is increasingly familiar with rabbits.

Since 2016 formulated and sells feed rabbits for hobbyists. One of the problems is feed quality. In 2019 Taif has its own feed factory in Tanjungsari sub-district, Sumedang Regency, West Java, on a land of 1,800 square meters. The average production range is 18 — 21 tons of Saban months.

The production was to fulfill the demand of hobbyists in Java and Sumatera Island, as reported by it's a profitable business indeed. Selling price per package 25 kg Rp 180.000 — Rp 185.000. The rabbit's feed business also gave an additional turnover of Rp129 million — Rp155 million Saban month. Taif had a rabbit-related business, starting from his tuition.